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[AUCTION!] Hotels booking +100K credit cards database access

credit card details and information such as name, phone, country, email, and other details related to the reservation, Daily Updated!


Hi, I’m reformating this thread old thread, Adding more details, and samples, and responding to claims.

I’m selling persistent database live access to an Hispanic PMS System

The software manages booking data for multiple Spanish-speaking hotels around the world, mainly in South America but there are several in Europe

Most of the data are from Hispanic countries ( AR, BR, MX, CO, UY, CL, PT, ES, PT… ) But also contains records from all world ( US, UK, EU, ASIA… )

database stores loggings from the software and the APIs used by the hotels

  • The data is stored as raw JSON/XML depending on the API they came from! but easy to filter and parse data In SQL-like queries, Easy to automate, and even possible to set up an API.

  • At the moment I counted over 68K unique lines from JSON logs + 37K lines from XML logs

  • All records stored currently from 2022 up to today! ​

  • The access is working for over 1.5 years now!

  • They keep deleting old records after time! but I captured and dumped copies of 2021 records.

[ I didn’t make bulk validity checks, but based on checkers like Luxchecker and 4check I’m receiving 67-85%VR, depending on the date of the records. ]


You can find the raw JSON/XML samples in the old thread Here.

Parsed JSON:

{""Type"":"""",""Number"":""4624341104787052"",""CVC"":""150"",""ExpireDate"":""01/2026"",""Holder"":""LEDBIA Diaz""}","{""FirstName"":""LEDBIA"",""LastName"":""Diaz"",""Email"":"""",""Country"":""gt"",""State"":""Guatemala"",""Address"":"""",""ZipCode"":""01014"",""Phone"":""+502 53060403"",""IDType"":"""",""IDNumber"":""""}

{""Type"":"""",""Number"":""4593010800489720"",""CVC"":""033"",""ExpireDate"":""01/2024"",""Holder"":""María del Carmen Ortiz Cazzola""}","{""FirstName"":""María del Carmen"",""LastName"":""Ortiz Cazzola"",""Email"":"""",""Country"":""py"",""State"":"""",""Address"":"""",""ZipCode"":"""",""Phone"":""+595 971 590150"",""IDType"":"""",""IDNumber"":""""}

{""Type"":"""",""Number"":""4915110267531922"",""CVC"":""912"",""ExpireDate"":""07/2027"",""Holder"":""Cristiam Ramos""}","{""FirstName"":""Cristiam"",""LastName"":""Ramos"",""Email"":"""",""Country"":""CO"",""State"":""Anolaima"",""Address"":"""",""ZipCode"":""253040"",""Phone"":""+57 3165205765"",""IDType"":"""",""IDNumber"":""""}

Parsed XML:

"<ccData  ccCode=""317""  ccNumber=""4555998000579439""  ccExpireDate=""06/2023""  ccHolder=""EDUARDO E GUTIERREZ Corrientes 746 Buenos Aires BA AR 1043""  />"
"<ccData  ccCode=""556""  ccNumber=""4338300009982603""  ccExpireDate=""10/2025""  ccHolder=""MONICA NOEMI COSTA""  />"
"<ccData  ccCode=""480""  ccNumber=""5137701333773420""  ccExpireDate=""09/2024""  ccHolder=""COURTET""  />"
"<ccData  ccCode=""732""  ccNumber=""4218210204505916""  ccExpireDate=""10/2023""  ccHolder=""RODRIGO ANCHIERI POCHELLU""  />"
"<ccData  ccCode=""664""  ccNumber=""5228402776362546""  ccExpireDate=""10/2025""  ccHolder=""HENRIQUE D PACHECO""  />"


[ Regex grep on the dump files, cleaned from duplications, Including 2021 deleted records ]



20K$ for full access to the live database

Open to offers to buy partial data!

MM if needed.